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We have entered the period of the year where everyone is putting up Christmas decorations but still eating Thanksgiving leftovers. The term Thanksmas hit me at 2:45 a.m. this morning as I stood in the drive way of the Parentals from the South's house and saw the Christmas wreaths and candle lights in the windows while the porch was still decorated with pumpkins, hay bales and mums for fall.

What exactly was I doing outside at 2:55 a.m. this morning? I'll explain later.

I've been a bit absent from the blogosphere this week. Apparently a vacation at home meant a vacation from anything else remotely related to school or work, and since I blog about those things... In all actuality, I've been catching up on much-needed sleep, reading fun books and working on a huge project that's due in 2 weeks, visiting with the family and enjoying suburban living.

Bloggers from the South
Last weekend was so much fun! I wish Mrs. M lived closer so that she could visit more often. We had a blast doing the monument thing, shopping and exploring the Smithsonian. She did an excellent recap, except that she left out two things:

1) The Smithsonian has probably now implemented rules about adults playing with toys and/or trying on costumes, hats, etc.
2) We sported Burger King crowns for much of the trip home. In fact, I forgot that I had one on until Mrs. M mentioned that she was taking hers off after several hundred miles. It's great to have friends that you can be completely silly around. Of course, factoring in that we were roomies in college, were in the same sorority and visited New Orleans together, there's really no reason for either of us to pretend we have dignity.

Chatt. vs. DC
Thus, last Sunday, I found myself briefly in K-town before McGuvyer Dad came to bring me back to Chattown. We did stop at Sawyers, but at $6 for a box now, it's really not worth it anymore. Good thing I neither need a regular hangover cure anymore nor live in K-town.

Since this was the first time that I've been out of the DC-metro area in 5 months, it was really strange. On the way home, we stopped at Bi-Lo, and I was amazed at the size and variety of the store. Given that I shop at Social Safeway, I was extremely disappointed to remember how much fun grocery shopping can be in the rest of the country. Unless you want premade food or organic, DC stores stink.

Also note that even though I hadn't driven a car in 5 months, I still have road rage. I must be a lost cause. This is another reason on a lengthy list of why the District is a much safer place without Girl from the South behind the wheel. If a town of 200,000 people make me angry while driving, what would DC drivers incite?

I had also forgotten how friendly people are in the deep South. This isn't to insult anyone north of Richmond. On a whole, Washingtonians are nice, polite people. They just aren't overtly friendly like they are in the South. Small-talking used to bug me with complete strangers, but since moving to DC where it almost never happens, I was happy to encounter it. Monday, Mom from the South and I went to HomeGoods and the lady in front of us in the check out line chimed in on a conversation that we were having. Mom didn't even notice it, but my jaw momentarily dropped open, and I looked at the woman in shock. Then the realization hit me that I was in Chattanooga where not small-talking and waving to people is considered rude. Yes, it may take us longer to do things here, but we're happier people.

Bekna--The Newest Hixsonites
Tuesday night, I finally caught up with Beka and Dana, and we decided to have dinner and hang out. Since they moved to Hixson after I left, I finally got to see their new apartment. Mrs. M mentioned that it's strange to keep seeing my stuff rearranged in different apartments, and I noticed the same thing with Bekna's new place. We also somehow ended up going through our senior yearbooks, and it was odd to see how much has changed in 6 years. Jessica, a fellow Bereanite, just had a baby girl--the first one in our clique to start a family, and almost everyone else we went to high school with is married. It was also nice to see how much better we all look. Everyone has lost a ton of weight. As a smart, but unathletic lot, we seemed to be heavy in high school. I guess adopting healthier eating habits and maintaining a more active lifestyle helps, but all of us look much better in our mid-twenties (yikes) than at 17 or 18.

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