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Black Squirrels Are Creepy

Brown squirrels don't bother me. They're a fairly common species in North America. It's fun to watch them frolic and be merry. Plus, I know a camp song about them.

Black squirrels are a completely different situation.

Washingtonians are familiar with this odd-looking rodent. Apparently, the National Zoo brought them in from Canada in the early 1900s. It's like the DC version of kudzu.

Yesterday, while walking home, I noticed a black squirrel climbing up a tree. It was very near the sidewalk, and I could see it's features up close. My first reaction was that it was Squirrelicula.

I swear this looked like the vampire version of a squirrel. It had a small, pointy head, beady eyes and possibly fangs. There was just a sinister look about it.

As a child, I loved the Bunnicula series about a pet rabbit fron Transylvania that had fangs and a black patch on it's fur that looked like cape. Bunnicula also had the strange habit of sucking all the juice out of fruits and vegetables until they turned completely white.

This squirrel could have been Bunnicula's cousin. After all, Rabbits and squirrels are in the rodent family, although Bunnicula was good and Squirrelicula looked demonic. Bottomline, it was an odd squirrel and creeped me out.

Perhaps I shouldn't have watched Underworld:Evolution this week. Lots of vampires. Lots of werewolves. Lots of blood. Buffy or Bunnicula, it was not.

That's a great post! You'd flip out in Kent Ohio where there are almost only black squirrels! They run rampant and beat up on the brown ones. I've heard tales that they chew off their balls so they can't reproduce. That's just what I heard from people who live there. Don't blame me for the gross squirrel myths.

They were thought to be an invasive species there too. They love them though: there's even a black squirrel festival each fall. I kid you not.

Ever see an albino squirrel? Equally strange.

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