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The Case Against Crocs

Kudos to the UT Roomie (aka the Mrs. M) for courageously speaking out against the travesty that has swept our nation and sadly the world: the proliferation of wearing Crocs.

If UT Roomie is forming an anti-Croc coalition, sign me up. Someone needs to do something about those ugly shoes.

Sure, they're comfortable and completely washable, but what do they look good with? In my opinion, Crocs should be banned from all wardrobes. There are only three occasions when the wearing of Crocs is acceptable:

1)If you wear scrubs, Crocs are ok. If you work in the medical field, chances are you are on your feet all day. Scrubs are already high on the "ugly but comfortable and practical" scale, so adding boat-like shoes to the outfit can't really hurt it. Plus, they're completely washable, which is probably important for sanitizing things.

2)Gardeners can wear Crocs. I've mentioned this before, but both of my parents are master gardeners (their back yard looks like something in Better Homes and Gardens). Comfortable and washable shoes are absolutely necessary. Sneakers or tennis shoes are just way too hard to clean after working in the mud.

3)Kids at summer camp. Having worked with kids and camps for several years in a couple of different jobs, Crocs are perfect for the average camper. They protect kids' feet, can get wet and clean easily. Plus, they should be worn without socks (UT Roomie expertly described the effect of wearing Crocs with socks). It would be wonderful if parents realized that their children can’t keep up with 14 things each day. If they aren’t wearing it, it’s going to get lost. That’s why millions of towels, socks, underwear, lunch boxes, windbreakers, goggles and expensive electronic gadgets are lost each year at summer camp. Kids need nothing more than a swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts, lunch, shoes, sunscreen and possibly a towel. Don’t get me started on parents who buy name brands for their 5-year-old. Children just don’t know the difference between Tommy and Target and will destroy both.

My own life has been affected by Crocs. I’m sad to say that Mom from the South likes them. Normally, she has impeccable taste, which she passed on to me. Since discovering this lapse, I’ve gradually been working on her to see the error of this ugly footwear. Right before we left for London in April, Mom bought a pair of black ones and asked my opinion. While you do need comfortable shoes in London, Crocs are never the answer! I managed to talk her out of it, and she brought them back. When we got there, she noticed that NO ONE was wearing Crocs, and she acknowledged that by wearing them, she’d be perpetuating the stereotype of poorly dressed Americans. However, one day, while shopping in Covent Gardens, she pointed out a pair in a store window and a man who was looking at them. I simply replied, “Now they’re ugly on both sides of the ocean.”

I’ve also noticed that they have infiltrated DC! On K Street one morning, I noticed a woman wearing a button-down shirt, black skirt, black hose and PINK CROCS! Now, I understand the need for commuter shoes, but Crocs? Black flip flops or ballet flats are much more tasteful and discreet. They’re also a lot cheaper than Crocs. (They’re expensive pieces of boat-like rubber!)

The important lesson, kiddies, is NEVER BUY CROCS! If you’re shoe shopping and the temptation strikes to even pick up a pair of the ugly things, do as the Monty Python boys suggest and, “Run Away!!!!!” Unless you fall into one of the three categories above, Crocs are never the answer.

Croc Evolution Alert! Crocs are evolving... no, they're still the same ugly shoe, but now the name is changing to "Komodos" and you can buy "jewelry" with which to decorate them. No doubt the idea is to sail under the radar, so your friends won't know that the ugly Crocs you've warned them about are those same ugly "Komodos" they're thinking about buying. And if you have to buy jewelry to make your shoes pretty, then they're too ugly to start. Remember, friends don't let friends buy crocs.

I was hoping that others agreed with me. Thank you for voicing your opinion on this.

Its sad really!

I posted this question a while back. Thought you would enjoy the responses.

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